Felicity Huffman confirms that her Golden Globes pantsuit was in honor of Hillary Clinton

Sunday night, stars owned the red carpet in fabulous fashion as they all prepared for a fun night of celebrating each other’s achievements. Style-wise, we noticed so many stars changing it up and rocking pantsuits this year. Octavia Spencer, Evan Rachel Wood, and Kathryn Hahn are just a few of the women who decided to skip the dress and arrive in a pair of slacks. Some pants were worn for a political reason though: Felicity Huffman admitted her pantsuit was for Hillary Clinton, and we think that makes her look even more awesome. The American Crime and Desperate Housewives actress took a stand for the political figure she admires. And she naturally looked totally chic doing it.

Felicity Huffman’s fabulous pantsuit with metallic sequined bodice and white pants made her look totally award-worthy.


We love the plunging neckline and the beautiful interplay of the gold and silver sequins. The flowing white pants perfectly accentuate Felicity’s fabulous bod, while still giving her an elegant, evening look.

In an interview with the Hollywood Foreign Press on the red carpet, Felicity proudly proclaimed her pantsuit homage to Hillary Clinton.

When the host asks Felicity about her choice to forgo a dress, Felicity responds, "I thought a pantsuit in honor of Hillary, right? Love you, Hillary. I'm with her."

That’s such an empowering reason to choose a particular look, and we bet Felicity felt even more fabulous having some inspiration behind her outfit. Fashion is all about self expression, so if she wants to express her love and support for Hillary, she should be proud of that.


Felicity did seem crazy pumped for the evening, based on her adorable posts in preparation for the Golden Globes.

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Those fun and silly tweets definitely show off how excited Felicity was for the evening. And we imagine it had a little something to do with the girl power inspiration behind her look. When we look at Felicity, we’re definitely reminded of Hillary’s all-white look from the DNC.


Both Hillary and Felicity are strong and empowering ladies. And we love that Felicity used her spotlight to honor a woman who inspires her. And in turn, Felicity inspires us with her statement-making pantsuit!