Surprise, Felicia Day is expecting and due *so soon*

There’s no right or wrong way to announce a pregnancy, and the big thing right now is to make it a ~BIG ANNOUNCEMENT~. That’s fine. We love announcements, because we love babies. However, there’s been a recent trend of just like, ~surprise babies~ where one second everything is fine, and the next, one of our favorite celebrities is toting a little one along. 

That’s what actress/gamer/all-around cool geek Felicia Day just did. Taking to Twitter, she announced she’s pregnant with an adorable picture AND revealed that she’s due very soon. She captioned the pic, “She’s coming in about three weeks so I guess I should announce this and stuff.”

Day isn’t the only celeb hold off on an official pregnancy announcement until the very end. In November, singer Pink announced her pregnancy on Instagram with an adorable photo of daughter Willow hugging her stomach, revealing she was eight months pregnant. Pink gave birth just a month later to a son, Jameson.

Some celebrities don’t even say anything before their kids are born. Just before New Year’s Eve, Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo and and husband Chris Ivory announced they had welcomed their third child, a son, to the surprise of fans everywhere.

For a lot of fans, it can be hard to imagine not knowing every detail of their favorite celebrity’s life but sometimes it’s okay to keep things private. Babies are such an exciting part of life and we think it’s so exciting that Day is about to become a mom. We’re so excited for Felicia and can’t wait to see a picture of her baby girl!

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