Felicia Day’s baby daughter is finally here — with an amazing, Greek muse-inspired name

In news that is totally something to sing about, former Buffy star and Geek Girl Queen Felicia Day welcomed her daughter Calliope Maeve last week, and is pretty much on cloud nine about the entire thing…even if she isn’t exactly thrilled about literally everything else that happened in the world the same week that Calliope joined it.

Day, 37, shocked her fandom when she posted a pic of her very pregnant belly just a few weeks back, joking that “she’s coming in like three weeks so I guess I should announce this and stuff.”

Calliope did indeed come a few weeks later, with Day teasing a pic of her daughter’s adorable tiny feet on Twitter after the fact.

It’s a good thing Calliope is also the name of a muse from Greek mythology who presides over eloquence and epic poetry, since we’re going to need her skills with the written word in years to come. Day joked that she “went in to the hospital to have a baby last week” and “came back out not recognizing my own country,” and like, we’re with you, girl.

She also reminded fans that Maeve, Calliope’s middle namesake, is the Warrior Queen of the Fairies in Irish mythology. So Calliope Maeve’s got us covered, basically.

We’re beyond happy for Day, and also for Calliope Maeve, who has a badass name and even more badass mom standing strongly by her side forever.