Felicia Day models 3D-printed armor so beautifully it deserves a fashion show

If you can dream it, you can do it—and 3D print it. These days, you can print everything from prosthetic limbs to clothing to food. The possibilities are endless, and if there’s something you want to create, all you need to get started is a sketch.

Melissa Ng, an artist based in New York, taught herself how to use 3D printing technology to bring her drawings of a beautiful set of armor to life. The project, called the Dreamer’s Regalia, is the result of a lot of hard work and self-teaching. And it all paid off: Her finished product was recently modeled by actress Felicia Day.

“I didn’t know how to do everything I needed in order to accomplish the project,” Ng wrote on her website Lumecluster. “But I knew I could at least start with one little challenge at a time to get there.”

This gorgeous armor took Ng 228 hours to create. She had to model the armor in 3D, draw the pattern, edit video and more. Once it was printed, it had to be painted (by hand and with spray paint), sanded and fitted to Day. It’s an impressive feat, and a huge testament to what we can accomplish with the right amount of drive and determination.

“What’s funny is how often we get so worked up about how much we don’t know and forget to visualize how much we could know and grow in the long run if only we give ourselves a shot,” Ng wrote.

Is this the future of cosplay? We think so.