We need to know your feelings on these detachable jeans

You know the feeling. You’re just chilling in your jeans, doing normal life things, when suddenly you have this urge to just rip those jeans right off. But you can’t, because you’re in public, or you’re at a party, or a park, but you’re just like “God, I really wish I could change into jorts right about now.” Wouldn’t detachable jeans solve all your problems? The clothing retailer Opening Ceremony seems to think so.

They’ve just released their take on the detachable jean trend…wait, is this an actual trend? Maybe they’re hoping to start one. Their jeans have a little loop attachment that holds the legs onto the shorts. There’s visible skin between the leg fabric and the shorts, so it kind of just looks like really strategically ripped jeans at first glance.

But no, you thought wrong. These babies are detachable. We’re assuming it’s maybe a little more complicated than just ripping them off, but it looks like you can remove the pants fairly easily. It results in a sort of jean-diaper look, because the jorts aren’t exactly normal shorts-shaped. They do cover everything essential, so technically you could wear them to a barbecue. But like…would you?

Survey says…

Many on Twitter weren’t exactly thrilled with the idea, or at least a bit taken aback.

But then again, all fashion is looked upon as weird at first. Maybe in a few years, we’ll all be wearing them!

In any case, if you’ve been dying for a pair of convertible jorts, you can get your very own for just $425.