All the feelings you get when you see your bestie for the first time in ages

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If you have a long-distance best friend, you probably understand the feeling. You know: the feeling that seems like it should be accompanied with staring longingly outside the window at the night sky, wondering if your bestie is looking at the moon, too. The feeling that makes you seriously consider whether moving to your bestie’s hometown is an option, that makes you stupidly jealous of any friends you see hanging out in public. “They don’t even know how good they have it!” you think angrily as you stare at the besties, simultaneously wishing desperately that teleportation was a thing.

But all of this angst makes that moment when you get to see her even more sweet. Here are all of the feelings you get when you see your bestie for the first time in ages.

The moment you find out the date you will next see your BFF

You knew, of course, you’d be seeing your bestie at some point soon–duh, how could you not–but your bestie contacts you with an ACTUAL DATE saying when she’ll be in town, a date that you can mark in your calendar with a million exclamation points.

And you’re hit not with just one wave of happiness, but a million, over and over, because you keep imagining how much of a total blast you’re going to have.

When the number of days until you see your BFF shrinks 

First it’s two weeks. After the initial excitement wears off, you wonder: how are you going to manage to act like a normal human being for two whole weeks knowing you’ll get to see your bestie?!

And then the number of days drops to single digits, and then it’s a week, and OH MY GOD JUST A DAY. Those waves of excitement have now just turned into a tidal wave of awesomeness.

The morning you wake up knowing you’ll see your bestie

Your countdown has transformed from days to hours. Minutes. Oh my gosh.

You feel like you’re levitating around your room as you get ready, already preparing yourself for when you see her, because you don’t want to hug her so hard that you accidentally Hulk-smash her.

The drive / trip that will take you to your bestie 

If seeing your bestie involves picking her up from the train station or driving to meet her halfway, this is the time when you’re wondering: how can you be expected to drive under these conditions? For a second, you’re afraid that your sheer glee will be so life-altering that you’ll forget how to operate your vehicle.

But you manage it, grinning the entire way, knowing that the end of this car-ride will signal the start of your bestie time. You also have that weird sense of adrenaline that makes you feel like it isn’t possible to get there fast enough. Be careful, because this is prime time for getting speeding tickets.


When you see her lovely face from afar, before you have the chance to run over and inevitably Hulk-smash her, you are overcome by about 50 thoughts at once. Here are just a few:

Oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god
I forgot how beautiful her face is. Like I knew, but SEEING IT IN THE FLESH AGAIN OMG
She’s here! She’s actually HERE!
How was such a perfect human being created. How. Just. How.

The run from where you are to where your bestie is

Music is playing in your head. You know, that song that plays during every slow-motion running scene in the movies. And somehow, YOU’RE going in slow motion. Your hair is blowing perfectly in the wind that you have created with your passionate running. And your eye is on the prize. The prize that is your perfect, wonderful BFF.

(You probably don’t realize that you’re bizarrely screaming the entire time, startling innocent bystanders.)

The hug of the century

You are weirdly smelling her hair but she doesn’t care, or at least pretends not to, and no hug has ever been better, and you both are doing that thing where you’re still hugging but teetering back and forth on each foot, and you probably look crazy but neither of you care because you are finally together again. And the words won’t come out fast enough: “How was your trip you look amazing I love your outfit how are you OMG I’VE MISSED YOU SO MUCH.”

You and your bestie are reunited. Let the shenanigans commence.

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