This is what I feel like doing when I’m really overwhelmed. Anyone else with me?

I had another comic planned for this week, but I posted this sketch I did on social media this week, and the response made we want to share it with you guys. Have you ever been in the moment where either you felt so overwhelmed by everything you have on your plate that you’re not sure how you’re going to accomplish it? Or perhaps you found yourself in a situation where you put your foot in your mouth. Whatever the case, it can feel like a moment of dread when you have to face your problems and either apologize or tackle the issue at hand. Sometimes, however, the situations can be so overwhelming or embarrassing, you just want to live in that hole you’ve dug yourself into. That was how I felt when I drew this, but after laughing at how crazy and unplanned life can be, I got out of my own hole and tackled my day. Let’s just say things are less crazy, but I’m still taking it one step at a time.

Image; Artist Own

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