Meet Sammy Nickalls, our contributor of the week!

Sammy Nickalls is a freelance writer from a small town you’ve never heard of in Pennsylvania.

She’s also a mental health advocate and is currently penning a YA novel on the topic. When she’s not writing, she’s probably reading, gaming, daydreaming about Benedict Cumberbatch, or talking to her dogs like they’re people.
If you want to contact her, you can email her at sammynickalls at gmail dot com, or you can follow her on Twitter @sammynickalls.
Hometown: The middle of nowhere (Lebanon, PA)
Where I live now: Still the middle of nowhere (aka Lebanon, PA)
Fave book of ALL time: Oh gosh. There are SO many, but I feel like I’d be doing myself an injustice if I didn’t say the Harry Potter series. (I can’t pick just one HP book!) But also Looking For Alaska by John Green. And also Still Alice by Lisa Genova. AHHH THIS IS SO HARD.
Person who inspires me the most: This will be cheesy, but always my mother. She’s the strongest woman I know.
What made me want to become a writer: I think a part of me always wanted to be a writer, but my English teacher in my junior year of high school truly made me realize my dream when he helped me join the school paper sans prerequisite. Sometimes, you just need a little push.
Music I listen to when I write: I get distracted by a lot of music when writing, so I have a playlist mostly filled with chill stuff. Lots of The Civil Wars, as well as an album called Hadestown by Anais Mitchell and Justin Vernon (Bon Iver). Geek alert: I also like listening to music from Skyrim, because it makes me feel like a BAMF.
Fave place to work: My boyfriend works at a specialty coffee shop called Square One Coffee in Lancaster, and it’s covered with beautiful art and calming music, so it’s the perfect place for me to write. Plus, he delivers me cappuccinos with pretty hearts in them. Yum.
Writers I look up to: Oh, where do I begin. John Green, JK Rowling, Anne Lamott, David Foster Wallace, Jonathan Safran Foer…and of COURSE all of the lovely ladies at HelloGiggles.
Favorite GIF ever: I will NEVER GET OVER THIS ONE:

This is the best meme: Definitely the “I have no idea what I’m doing” dog. It’s probably frightening how often I use it.

My favorite story I wrote for HelloGiggles is: 7 Things Anxiety Sufferers Want Their Loved Ones To Know, for several reasons: 1) it was my very first article for Hello Giggles (#memories); 2) so many people reached out to me about this piece, which created a dialogue about anxiety and mental health, which is ALWAYS my goal. Mental health is a topic very near and dear to my heart, and many of my pieces reflect that.
The title of my memoir would be: Sammy Nickalls: A Tale Of Netflix, Love, Food, And Mini Life Crises About What To Title Her Hypothetical Memoir
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