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Rachel Paige wasn’t sure if she should write a bio in the first or third person, and decided on third because for some reason that’s a little less creepy.

…(and she wasn’t sure if she could do a choose-your-own-adventure type thing). Rachel is currently pursuing her Masters in Binge Watching at the University of Netflix (it’s an MFA program) and when she’s not watching TV, she’s probably thinking about TV, or thinking about where she can get more coffee. She loves to bake, has a fondness for DIY crafts, and has an unhealthy obsession with purple nail polish. If she were an Avenger, she’d be The Hulk, even though that quiz she took online told her she’d be Captain America. She doesn’t like heights, sand, or cinnamon. Rachel basically likes everything else.
Worcester, Massachusetts.
Where I live now:
Boston-ish. But I’m in the process of moving (as soon as I pack up all my stuff) so let’s just go with I’m located “en route.” I think I’m like 80% a nomad, because I’ve moved five times in the last five years.
Fave book of ALL time:
The Princess Bride by William Goldman. Did you know it was a fabulous book before it was a movie? I can’t recommend the book enough. It’s basically the same story as the movie, but at the same time, it’s completely different. You should read it right now. It also dives so much further into the lives of Westley and Buttercup, and it’s hilarious.
Person who inspires me the most:
I don’t care how corny this sounds, but Walt Disney. I’m a big Disney history buff, both for the company and the theme parks, and I just think Walt Disney as a person is fascinating. When Walt started his animation company, he had $500 to his name, and his first character was promptly stolen by another company (really!). But with every setback, he kept his spirits high, and now his name is synonymous with everything I love. If there’s one person I wish I could meet and talk to for hours, it’s him.
What made me want to become a writer:
As a kid I was always writing. I’ve got a whole lot of 5th grade Star Wars fanfiction, so if anyone has a CPU with a floppy disk drive we can read it together (and then you can watch me cry over the fact that my 5th grade dream of writing Episodes 7, 8 and 9 isn’t going to come true).  Because of that Star Wars fanfiction, in college I decided I wanted to make movies! And then I immediately decided that was a bad idea and instead took every single writing class my college had to offer. My real dream is to be showrunner/head writer of a cult-status show on SyFy that runs for like five seasons and gets its own panel at ComicCon. Clearly, I’m keeping my life goals realistic.
Music I listen to when I write:
I’m someone who writes in complete silence. If I do turn something on for background noise, it’s usually the TV. But I really do try to limit that as much as possible, because you can tell when I’m writing with someone on in the background (I tend to make 75% more jokes when I’m writing with Parks and Rec on in the background).
Fave place to work:
Wherever my dog, Sophie, is sleeping. Usually she lies on my bed with her head against the window and looks for squirrels. Usually I sit on my bed or my floor (I sadly don’t have a desk). I also like to work in my kitchen, because there are big windows there, and I’m someone who needs natural sunlight. OK, fine, I’m mostly in the kitchen for food.

Writers I look up to:
As a kid, I wanted to be Meg Cabot. I still kinda want to be Meg Cabot. And for me, writers aren’t just for books and novels, so Tina Fey’s really high up there, too (remember how she wrote Mean Girls? She’s amazing). Also a big big fan of everything Aaron Sorkin has ever written. Also, Shakespeare. I can look up to him too, right?
Favorite GIF ever:

me, IRL
This is the best meme:

I’m a big Sherlock fan, and I think jokes at Sherlock‘s expense are great. This one makes me laugh every. time.
My favorite story I wrote for HelloGiggles is…
I’ve written a lot, but I’m very fond of this personal essay about how I hate talking on the phone, and I was shocked (and thrilled!!) to find out that so many others have this strange phobia, too. Just like, email me if you want to reach me, OK?
The title of my memoir would be…

Volume One: I Am My Own Older Brother.
Volume Two: Running with Small Children.
Volume Three: Things I Did Instead of Being An Adult.

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