Meet Nikita Richardson, our writer of the week!

Nikita Richardson is an editorial assistant at Fast Company magazine and freelance writer.

Hometown: Marietta, GA. A suburb of Atlanta.
Where I live now: Brooklyn, New York. More specifically, Bushwick.
Fave book of ALL time: Probably Lolita. Subject matter aside, there is something completely entrancing about Nabokov’s writing style and above all, I think he was clever. Something I really value in writers.
Person who inspires me the most: No one person, but rather the black women of Tumblr. They are whipsmart and funny and socially aware and anti-bulls••t. The community they’ve built on that site is amazing. In particular I love Milk & Honey and Last Lips. More generally, I find the Tumblr community, for the most part, to be filled with really intelligent and hyperaware individuals.
What made me want to become a writer: I don’t know if I ever had the idea that I wanted to be a writer (though I wrote a lot as a kid), but even when I was working on my Bachelor of Science in college, I kept on taking comparative literature and English classes…for fun! Then one day day I realized that as much as I Ioved psychology, my heart wasn’t in it. Meanwhile, I’d been music blogging for a few months and was really enjoying it. By the summer before I graduated, I thought journalism school might be a fit for me, and I applied and got into NYU. So, it was all a process of elucidation more than an “aha” moment, I guess.
Music I listen to when I write: If I’m really trying to concentrate, no music. Otherwise, I’ll turn on Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue or just listen to my constantly evolving list of favorite songs on Spotify.
Fave place to work: In my bed or the amazing garage sale couch my dad bought me four years ago. I’ve never needed to go to a coffee shop or a library to get work done. In fact, I find those places more distracting.
Writers I look up to: I really love Amanda Hess for her work about the online harassment many female writers face. I’m also a fan of New York magazine’s Maureen O’Connor. The woman knows how to talk about sex in the smartest way.
Favorite GIF ever: 

This is the best meme: 

My favorite story I wrote for HelloGiggles is…I haven’t written many yet, but probably the article about Hillary Clinton finally announcing her bid for the presidency!
The title of my memoir would be: Are You Going To Finish That?: The Nikita Richardson Story
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