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Marie Lodi was raised on a steady diet of Dynasty, singing while cooking, Coast to Coast AM, and The National Enquirer. She loves the whimsical and the weird, the fanciful and the filthy and the ridiculous and the romantic. She’s the president of L.A.’s premiere pizza club and Richard Simmons once told her she moved like a stripper. Stalk her everywhere @agentlover and at

Hometown: Oxnard, CA

Where I live now: Los Angeles, CA

Fave book of ALL time: Two books that are complete and total opposites but have inspired me just the same: Weetzie Bat and Story of the Eye.

Person who inspires me the most: My mom, and my other two moms: Elvira and Dolly Parton.

What made me want to become a writer: Reading Jane Magazine and Weetzie Bat as a teenager.

Music I listen to when I write: I have a Spotify playlist mix called “Writing Jail” that has a ton of Mariah Carey on it. It puts me into a meditative trance.

Fave place to work: In my fantasy I’d answer, “poolside.” But the magic usually happens at my kitchen table.

Writers I look up to: Francesca Lia Block, Amy Tan, Cheryl Strayed, Jenny Zhang, Emma Straub, Maya Angelou and Jackie Collins.

Favorite GIF ever: Tanisha from Bad Girls Club. Need to have it on standby at all times.

This is the best meme: The Ol’ Razzle Dazzle

My favorite story I wrote for HelloGiggles is… It’s not a particularly story, but I love doing the Pizza Power section. 

The title of my memoir would be… My Eyes Rolleth Over

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