Meet Lilian Min, our contributor of the week!

Lilian Min is a culture writer, a feminist, a proud USC and marching band alum, and a decent improvisational cook.

She has perfect pitch and can best sum up her personal style as “candy witch.” She’s on Twitter and Tumblr as @llnmn.
St. Louis, Missouri
Where I live now:
West Hollywood, California
Fave book of ALL time:
Garth Nix’s Sabriel. I have a very soft spot for The Odyssey though.
Person who inspires me the most: 
My mama
What made me want to become a writer:
We had to keep these journals in the 6th grade called “life books.” My friend and I would “compete” against each other to see who could fill up the most by the end of the year. It was a dumb contest, but it lit the fire. In case you were wondering, I won.
Music I listen to when I write:
Enya, Hot Sugar, instrumentals of albums that weren’t originally instrumentals, really long playlists of really sad songs.
Fave place to work:
Anywhere with an outlet and enough coverage that I can hide my screen from random passersby.
Writers I look up to:
Margaret Atwood, Jenny Zhang, Brian K. Vaughan, Matt Fraction, Zadie Smith, Ayesha Siddiqi, Nicole S. Chung, Jia Tolentino, Doreen St. Felix, Arabelle Sicardi, Alana Massey, Haruki Murakami… sometimes.
Favorite GIF ever:

This is the best meme:

My favorite story I wrote for HelloGiggles is…
(I love animation.)
The title of my memoir would be…
Moonshine Girl (I’m cheating — that’s the name of my personal blog).
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