Meet Jess Tholmer, our writer of the week!

Jessica Tholmer likes to write, read, and never do arithmetic. 

She lives on Twitter, loves her three brothers, has a cat named Jolene (like the Dolly Parton song), and knows The Simpsons / Friends like the back of her hand. Perhaps most importantly, Jess is super obsessed with Titanic and saw it about a million times in the movie theater (OK —14 times) and still hopes to marry Leonardo DiCaprio one day (even with the man bun).
Born in Los Angeles (actually Glendale, holla), but I have been a Pacific Northwesterner since I was wee. I’ll round up and just say Seattle.
Where I live now:
I live in Bellingham, Washington, or as I tell people, “Seattle!” It’s about two hours north of Seattle, but no one has ever heard of it UNLESS you have a random connection to it and then you probably know everything. (Y’all can count me as a random connection.)
Fave book of ALL time:
I think it’s ultimately The Autobiography of Malcolm X because that book really changed how I feel as a biracial lady…but I’m not gonna pretend that Harry Potter (POA shout out) isn’t like…tied for first.
Person who inspires me the most: 
My big brother Daniel. (Awww / gag!) I have three brothers, but he has always been the most solid person in my life. He’s smart, which made me want to try to be smart. He reads a lot, which made me read a lot. He’s the funniest person alive, which made me laugh a lot growing up / now. There’s nothing like getting a really serious text message about Black equality and then almost immediately a text of a Kardashian meme.
What made me want to become a writer:
My junior year English teacher Miss Merrilyn Tucker was the first person to ever put it in my head. I could talk about this lady forever —she reminded me of an American Emma Thompson, which is why I keep thinking her name is Miss Thompson. Miss Tucker strayed from the routine curriculum and assigned all of these incredible non-stereotypically-high-school English books for us to read in class and was just an overall badass feminist. She liked my writing and made me feel like I had a real talent. Even if she was lying to me, I took it to heart!
Music I listen to when I write:
I have to go no lyrics, so I’m a big fan of Explosions in the Sky, though if I’m trying to be emotional, I’ll sneak some Sufjan on. Literally always Glee covers for editing, though. Hey, I am who I am.
Writers I look up to:
JK Rowling, obviously, but also Nora Ephron was my favorite, Cheryl Strayed, Paul Beatty, Toni Morrison, Anis Mojgani, Dave Wheeler, and I’m a huge fan of Miss Anne T. Donahue.
Favorite GIF ever:
Forever and always this. 

This is the best meme:

My favorite story I wrote for HelloGiggles is…
This is such a hard question because in three years, I have written a TON. I am going to say my favorite EINTKILF was George Costanza because Jason Alexander told me it was funny, which was the highlight of my life. My favorite non-EINTKILF piece ever was my letter to President Obama
…though I take a lot of pride in the piece I wrote about Ben Affleck being Batman because everyone got really mad and I was like…kind of kidding.
The title of my memoir would be…
I Should Have Washed My Bangs Today, and Other Bad Decisions I’ve Made in My 20s.
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