Meet Erin Mallory Long, our contributor of the week!

Erin works on TV shows when they let her and has an encyclopedic knowledge of both The Simpsons and Friends.

She brought back “duh” in 2004 and if there is an opening for curator of Law & Order: SVU marathons, she’d like to submit her resume.
Hometown: Schenectady, NY aka where “The Place Beyond the Pines” takes place
Where I live now: Los Angeles, CA aka where everything takes place and is filmed
Fave book of ALL time: I’m always in the middle of reading 5 books and love most of them, tbh. So I cannot pick one book so this will be a cop out. BUT the book I have read the MOST is The Dive From Clauson’s Pier by Ann Packer. I read that book my senior year of high school and proceeded to re-read it incessantly all summer long after that.
Person who inspires me the most: This image:

What made me want to become a writer: Watching TV, really. I was always fascinated by TV and by writing television and I dreamed of being able to share my love of TV with people and now I get to do just that! Which is pretty cool. I now write about my TV obsessions for this very site and get to put all those hours to good use!
Music I listen to when I write: Depends on what I’m writing but always something I know so well, the lyrics don’t distract me. So anything by Aimee Mann or the album “1989.”
Fave place to work: If not any Starbucks where people are normal, than just my desk in my apartment. I have an old roll-top writing desk my grandfather bought at Sears in the ’50s and painted this great green color and I have a wall of artwork directly behind it and tons of toys and knick knacks on the desk so it’s my little corner of the world.
Writers I look up to: Tina. Fey. I adore everything she does and 30 Rock is one of my favorite things ever. Constant hero.
Favorite GIF ever: I love this anyway but since I get sent pics of Emma Roberts weekly with the comment “thought this was you!” I really enjoy this gif.

My favorite story I wrote/made for HelloGiggles is… I take any and all opportunities to talk about Dawson’s Creek so: Why Jen Lindley Had The Worst Life Ever
The title of my memoir would be… Oh Did I Make This Uncomfortable: The Erin Mallory Long Story
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