Meet Ellen Clifford, our contributor of the week!

Ellen Clifford is the girl who can’t quite get out of being called goth-ish.

She has no choice, she’s pale. After a life of trying to get people to take her seriously she realized comedy had her heart. She acts around LA both on stage in improv and sketch and on film as much as she can. She has a silly web series where she makes drinks. Someday she will get another cat.
Hometown: St. Louis
Where I live now: Los Angeles
Fave book of ALL time: “A Tale of Two Cities” by Charles Dickens. This book is not just funny and touching —it also has my biggest literary crush: Sydney Carton. I am in love with a fictional man which explains my current relationship status.
Person who inspires me most: My parents are my heroes! My dad is a neurologist who works around the world with HIV/AIDS patients. My mom volunteers for a group that recently helped bring Missouri parity of health care for people with eating disorders. They are the best and most loving human beings I know.
What made me want to be a writer: I am still surprised I am considered one! I always worried calling myself a writer would make me less of an actor. But then senior year as an acting major I had to write a short one-person play, so I wrote this thing about how I think being flat-chested is great. Then I got inspired to turn that into a longer play I performed called FLAT. Then I started a food blog and cocktail web series and realized that being a comedian and a writer went hand in hand. So I never set out to be a writer. It was more a process of accepting that I do in fact write stuff!
Music I listen to when writing: by night my Pandora is set to baroque music. Lots of Bach. By day lots of Nine Inch Nails. Trent Reznor forever.
Fave place to work: Nothing compares to the coffeehouse I grew up with in St. Louis called Meshuggah. I’ve yet to find an equivalent place in LA to work.
Writers I look up to: Elizabeth Little. Her books on language like “Biting the Wax Tadpole” and “Trip of the Tongue” are hilarious and smart. She is now writing fiction too, and I don’t know that I know a more brilliant woman. I also was really inspired by Susannah Cahalan’s “Brain on Fire” because I’ve been through some brain trauma too. It was inspiring to hear how she got through it.
Gifs? No me gusta, but anything with a cute cat makes me pretty dang happy.
Fave HG piece I’ve written: I wrote about Rosie Schaap’s “Drinking With Men” and included a recipe for a drink I thought the author might like. I was so excited because she read the piece and tweeted to tell me she was a fan of the recipe I included. It was so flattering to hear from a writer I have so much respect for!
The title of my memoir would be: “Well That Was Different”. Apparently I am strange. Which makes me feel like I don’t quite fit in an awful lot, but I think I’m learning to be okay with that! Actually I think a lot of people feel that way so maybe I am not really that different…hmmm
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