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Connie’s introvert tendencies make her terrible at talking about herself, so let’s just say she’s somewhere between Kenneth the Page from 30 Rock and Abed from Community. A TV loving pop culture enthusiast who forms most of her friendships based on mutual love of TV shows, Connie loves to write about TV, but eventually wants to write TV. She also loves Harry Potter (she’s a Hufflepuff), The Marvel MCU (she’s recently realized Steve Rogers might be her spirit animal), and generally being a nerd. As a black girl, she frequents such sites as Black Girl Nerds and The Nerds of Color, where she has found other cool PoC nerds who’ve introduced her to tons of cool nerd stuff. Follow her on Twitter @ConStar24 to see what shows she’s live tweeting this week, and read her blog:

Hometown: ​NYC born and raised. ​

Fave book of ALL time: Definitely ​Harry Potter… tied between Prisoner of Azkaban and The Deathly Hallows​. Don’t make me choose, it changes on the daily. ​
Person who inspires me the most: ​My grandmother is definitely the person who inspires me most. She’s had a lot of love then a lot of loss in her life and is still kicking.

What made me want to become a writer: ​I’ve always wanted to write in some capacity, I think Harry Potter first made me want to write, but Joss Whedon and Shonda Rhimes first made me want to write TV. I remember watching the Code Black episode of Grey’s Anatomy and predicting a big moment and thinking “I want to come up with stuff like that!”

Music I listen to when I write: ​”Electric Lady” by ​Janelle Monae ​ to get me pumped​,​ then maybe some​ “Pure Mellow Jazz” playlist on Spotify​. It’s taken me way too long to realize that songs with lyrics aren’t conducive to getting work done, I keep singing along!

Fave place to work:Still working on finding a great space, but there’s a South African themed cafe near my apartment that has proven a good place to be productive. Maybe when I can afford a desk chair, it can be my living room. ​ Writers I look up to: Shonda Rhimes, Joss Whedon, ​JK Rowling, ​Neil Gaiman​.​

The title of my memoir would be… Life’s A Binge: Chronicles of a TV Junkie

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