Meet Claire Dodson, our contributor of the week!

Claire Dodson is an editorial assistant at Fast Company magazine.

In addition to HelloGiggles, she has written for The Village Voice, Bust, XO Jane, The Nashville Scene and more. She has been known to wax poetic about Taylor Swift. Follow her on Twitter @Claire_ifying
Hometown: Knoxville, Tennessee
Where I live now: Brooklyn, New York
What made me want to become a writer: Attending a Britney Spears concert at eight years old with my father, who was reviewing the show for our local newspaper. All I knew then was that writers got free concert tickets.
Writers I look up to: Patti Smith, Ann Powers, Anne Helen Petersen, Marilyn Kallet, Lisa Robinson, Tavi Gevinson
Favorite GIF ever: 

My favorite story I wrote/made for HelloGiggles is… This piece about 13-year-old actress Rowan Blanchard and her awesome feminist essay. I love seeing young women do super cool things to make the world better.
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