Meet Bianca deBardelaben, our contributor of the week!

Under pounds of curly hair comes the creative mind of Bianca deBardelaben.

Bianca spends most of her free time illustrating her feels, buying clothes that don’t match, or eating donuts topped with bacon. You can view more of her art or instagram @biancaxunise.
Hometown: Chicago
Where I live now: …Chicago (Lived in NYC for a bit too!)
Fave book of ALL time: French Milk by Lucy Knisley
Person who inspires me the most: My talented artist mama
What made me want to become an artist: I constantly have a need to tell stories and make people laugh!
Music I listen to when I write: ‘80s alternative mix including David Bowie, Simple Minds, The English Beat and Adam Ant
Fave place to work: In my office space, surrounded by cute things and plants
Writers/artists I look up to: Lucy Knisley, Ludwig Bemelmans,Paul Rand
Favorite GIF ever: 

This is the best meme:

My favorite story (in this it would be cartoon) I wrote/made for HelloGiggles is…
The title of my memoir would be…Hair full of secrets
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