We just noticed this major brow trend from the Oscars

Beauty fact: Some trends stick around for a season and some have a long healthy lifespan. Case in point: the big feathered brow, which coincidentally ruled the arrivals at the Oscars. Blame the Kardashians’ thick arches, Megan Fox’s chiseled brows or the famous #instagrambrow for its stencil-perfect edges; thick brows are here to stay, at least for a little while longer. The newest version leaves the solid filled-in brow in the dust, and favors a more natural, fanned-out, fluttery look, as if to suggest we were raised in the jungle or deserted on a LOST-like island with no tweezers or mirrors. They’re full, they’re lush, they’re feathered in a way that makes you look like a wood nymph. Let’s see more.

First up is it-girl and Kristen Stewart’s model gf Stella Maxwell, flaunting some fairy brows that reward resisting the urge to pluck with brows that are lush af.

Puerto Rican fashion model Joan Smalls pulls her hair back to show off some tamed brows that are more butterfly than caterpillar.

Miss Karlie Kloss kept her spoolie brush handy to maintain volume all night in these gravity defying brows.

Janelle Monáe, star of both big-winner Moonlight and the super empowering Hidden Figures, fans her brows out as a way to sculpt and shape her gorg face. She also takes home best dressed, in our (and everyone’s) honest opinion.

Hailee Steinfeld feathered her dark brows out over a seriously smoky eye and a powerful stare. This woman is ready to take over.

Emma Roberts knows the power of some soft edges on her deliciously full brows. The red is totally working for her, also — possibly hoping to get confused for that other Emma on Oscar night? We can’t blame her!

Pregnant Rosie Huntington-Whiteley got her fan on; feathering her brows out and over resulting in long, angular tails. This woman’s face is carved.

Olivia Culpo’s luscious brows rival this ’20s-inspired Marchesa flapper gown, and that’s saying something.

Emily Ratajkowski kept ’em big and beautiful as she stared down the row of flashing cameras.

Can you say #browgoals? How about just straight up #facegoals? The good news is that acquiring brows like these requires only one big, ruthless ingredient: time. Fill yours in to your desired thickness and flurriness (maaaybe the wrong word? But we think it describes the look we’re talking about) while you grow ’em out over about 8 weeks, which brow experts say is the time period for new hair growth. You can wane off the brow powder as you see fit, or until you look in the mirror and see Karlie’s or Hailee’s or Olivia’s brows staring back at you. When you feel the urge to pluck, remember our motto these days: resist!

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