Feast your eyes on these 15 magically sparkly lip ideas to try for New Year’s Eve

There is something about New Year’s Eve that makes you want to dress your best. Perhaps it’s all about ringing in the new year looking like the best version of yourself, or that New Year’s Eve is the perfect excuse to test that makeup tutorial you’ve watched your favorite makeup guru rock out. Either way, pairing a gorgeous eye look with a sparkly lip is exactly what NYE makeup should look like.

It’s all about going bold and bright and since most of us can’t rock our favorite glitter and sparkle lip look during the office hours, there is no greater time than while ringing in the new year

via giphy If you’re looking for the perfect sparkly lip to ring in the new year, these are so perfect you’ll have trouble choosing one.

1 Maroon and gold.


2 Bright pink.

3 Glitter and green.


4 Bright blue and subtle specks.

5 Silver is where it’s at!

6 Ruby red with red glitter.


7 Try a gorgeous green to blue ombre.

8 Light lips and big chunks.


9 Ring in with holiday charm.

10 Bring in the black and silver.


11 Shine bright!

12 Deep red and defined shape.


13 Inject the glitter right in the middle.

14 White and peach goodness.


15 Plum, plum and perfection.

Wishing you all a wonderful, healthy and happy New Year!

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