Feast your eyes on Ladurée, the ~dreamiest~ makeup brand Instagram has ever seen

You might not know this about me, but I love food just as much as I adore makeup! There is just simply nothing else in the world that could possibly bring me more joy. That is, unless there’s a genius out there in the world who knows how to bring the two together. And what do you know, of course there is! Have you ever heard of Ladureé? Well, the macaron empire has been providing beautiful makeup in France and Japan for a few years now under the Les Merveilleuses Ladurée name, of which we are profoundly jealous! But don’t despair, dear readers, for their Instagram account is a vision of beauty for us all to enjoy! Prepare yourself for these next few words: blush that comes in the shape of rose petals.


We’ll try to refrain from letting utter jealousy leak from our pores while we look at these, and just enjoy how completely lovely these blushes are!


You know there’s nothing I love more than feeling like an old timey French noble lady — it’s like they made these just for me!


I spy some macarons!


It’s just to beautiful for words! Look at those sweet rose petals!


It’s like stepping back through time!


This holiday collection is a cotton candy DREAM.


How elegant would you feel with some of this hand cream in your bag?


Yes, hi, I’ll take one of these makeup carts to go, please!


I could just go on and on — they’re all so beautiful and also, oddly soothing, right? I want to live in this Instagram account, is that weird? (Please keep your answer to yourself.) If you’re ever in Japan, please, oh please, pick some up for me!

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