R.L. Stine’s “Fear Street” is getting its own movie series, so prepare to be very, very scared…again

ATTENTION, R.L. Stine fans: Grab your blanket, your old stuffed animal, your nightlight from back in the day, and some childhood nostalgia. Because it’s time to revisit Fear Street and get real, reaaaaal scared…again.

That’s right, the mega-popular teen book series Fear Street is heading to Fox, reportedly with THREE back-to-back movies. So, you’re probably going to want to lock all your doors and hide under your covers immediately.

No, seriously, remember how terrifying Stine — who you also know from the Goosebumps series, and its subsequent adaptations — managed to make ventriloquist dolls?

Yeah, exactly.

Leigh Janiak — who directed the indie horror flick Honeymoon, and episodes from Scream: The TV Series —will helm all three films, which are set to be released back-to-back, one month after the other.

And if you think you’ve outgrown your teen horror days — think again. Stine has made a name for himself as a professional scare machine. Fear Street alone sold 80 million copies! So yeah, he knows what he’s doing, and you’re gonna wanna watch.

Plus, there’s something so spooky about the series’ fictional city, Shadyside, Ohio, where everything is nice, quiet and normal — except for one deadly street.

"This title just popped into my head. It was the first one I thought of: Fear Street. And I thought, 'That would be a place where bad things happen. It’ll be a very normal, suburban town, but there’ll be this one street that’s cursed,'" Stine told Mental Floss. "People who go to Fear Street or people who move to Fear Street, terrible things would happen to them. And that would be a way to do a series."

We cannot WAIT for these movies to head to the big screen. Though, we would like to request that the lights be left on, thank you very much.