Fear of Commitment? Flower Girl FREAKS OUT At Wedding

Isn’t it JUST like a flower girl to upstage the bride? The little girl in the video below did not disappoint. But this time, it wasn’t her darling dress or rose petal-pushing that caused the guests to gawk. This time, the flower girl was a total diva. Or, maybe she just didn’t get prepped for her performance and thought she was about to have to sit through church alone AND in front of everyone else after her walk down the aisle. That would have scared the CRAP out of me at that age. Because there was truly nothing more tantrum-worthy than having to sit still and be quiet in itchy tights for an hour. Even if it did mean we got to go to Wendy’s afterwards. Church was the WORST!

Shout out to the ring-bearer, who adorably “D’OH!”s with the ring-pillow.


It’s okay, lil’ nugget. I ALWAYS cry at weddings. The tantrums usually don’t come until after the open bar, but …