The FDA issued an official warning against vaginal rejuvenation

There have been no shortage of recent vagina-related trends designed to make our vaginas “prettier,” “cleaner,” or somehow more “aesthetically pleasing.” From vagina tightening wands to glitter pills, companies continue to find new and questionable ways to market products to women. One such treatment, vaginal rejuvenation, has officially been deemed unsafe by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA is calling the health claims behind these devices and procedures “unproven,” and states they can cause “serious burns, scars, and chronic pain.”

In case you’re unfamiliar, vaginal rejuvenation is a laser-based “therapy” intended to improve the appearance of the vagina, and is often sought out by women after childbirth or post-menopause. However, the FDA says the treatment is not supported by any medical science — and can even be dangerous — and has sent letters to seven companies currently selling vaginal rejuvenation devices. false

In a Twitter thread on Monday, July 30th, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said the government agency began investigating claims made by these companies after receiving “adverse event reports and published literature,” indicating that patients had suffered “cases of vaginal burns, scarring, pain during sexual intercourse, and recurring or chronic pain,” adding, “The full extent of risks is unknown.”

As of right now, these products and procedures are not banned, but Gottlieb notes that the FDA plans to “improve our oversight of device safety” by implementing new policies designed to help protect women from unproven claims. false

While we believe everyone has the right to choose what’s right for their bodies, it’s also critical to research products and procedures that could have lasting or negative affects on our health. It’s also always best to consult your doctor before trying something new — especially when it comes to your vaginal health. Staying informed is the best way to stay healthy, no matter how trendy or popular a new treatment may seem.