Finally, All Your Favorite TV Shows In Lego Form

The LEGO company is notorious for its strict approval process when it comes to themed LEGO sets, but that hasn’t prevented fans from creating their own designs. A YouTube user by the name of bookshelfproductions has released a tribute video for Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary made entirely out of LEGOs. Complete with dramatic voiceovers and creative cinematography (LEGOtography?), the fanvid highlights the distance some people will go to make their dreams a reality—especially where LEGOs are involved. Many LEGO enthusiasts have begun experimenting with this concept, even going so far as to create entire sets for their little plastic characters. For example:

1. Firefly

Only recently have I started to fully embrace the work of Joss Whedon, who revolutionized the television industry by popularizing vampires and strong, confident female leads with great hair. His space-western Firefly, which garnered a massive following after its unrightful cancellation (a moment of silence, please), has reached cult status, meaning it is long overdue for a LEGO multi-pack. Luckily, fans recognized this societal need and created a Serenity/Firefly LEGO set. You can even build your own Firefly-ship.

2. The Muppets

What could be cuter than a LEGO set based on the cast of The Muppets (besides, maybe, a stretching kitten or the kid from Love Actually)? Nothing. That’s why Quinn Rollins proposed a Muppet-themed LEGO set to the site’s community board in 2013. Though the project never reached the required 10,000 votes needed for LEGO to consider picking up the product, the prototypes that came out of it are priceless.

3. The Simpsons

When LEGO does greenlight an idea, however, they do not disappoint. This year, the organization launched a line of Simpsons LEGO products that made nerds around the world jump for joy. What makes the package so incredible is the detail the designers put into each character. They deserve some sort of trophy for Marge Simpson’s hair alone.

LEGO ideas that look good on paper, though, don’t always translate well into the real world.

4. The Golden Girls

The creators of the “LEGO Ladies” Etsy shop got half of this group right, in my opinion. While Rose and Dorothy’s miniatures are spot on (they even got Dorothy’s scowl in there), Blanche’s character looks like a tiny version of Monica from Friends (circa season 4). And while I appreciate Sophia’s glasses, the hair on the figure just doesn’t seem perky enough.

5. Game of Thrones

Again, I’m not saying that this GOT set is completely off-base; I just think it could use some tweaks. On one hand, the MiniBIGS artist that came up with this concept was brilliant enough to include a clip-on dragon for Daenerys. On the other hand, Arya’s figure looks more like a young peasant boy and Eddard’s figure has far too many limbs to be completely accurate. (Too soon?) There is, however, a better version by Citizen Brick that even includes a George R.R. Martin LEGO (under the name Sir Typesalot to avoid copyright issues or a retaliation from George in which he kills off whichever lovable characters are left).

In addition to being dangerous, feet-seeking weapons, LEGOS are also a widely popular and useful toy that can engage children in a new type of storytelling by tapping into their imagination. There are so many fictional characters out there just dying to be LEGO-fied and forced into imaginary interactions, so what are we waiting for? The Doctor and Tyrion can’t fly Serenity together without our help.

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