What your favorite holiday Starbucks drink says about your personality

The holidays are here, and that means, of course, it’s Starbucks holiday drinks season. We wait all year for that wonderful taste of wintertime. This year, Starbucks even added iced holidays drinks, which sound delicious. Luckily, we have over a month to try all of the delicious concoctions. We can’t wait. Of course, everyone has a favorite Starbucks holiday special. From the all-time classic, the pumpkin spice latte to some of the newer concoctions, like the eggnog frappuccino, we think that our Starbucks orders say a lot about our personalities. We’ve broken down what your favorite coffee-based holiday drink says about your personality.

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Pumpkin spice latte drinkers started as trendsetters, and now they’re loyal customers. Pumpkin spice lovers started in the fast lane, jumping onto every trend, but now you’re comfortable with where you are. You’re confident in yourself, and that’s pretty awesome.

Peppermint Mocha

Peppermint adds a fresh, holiday flavor to your mocha, and you love that the minty taste accentuates your fresh, unique outlook on life. You keep your ear to the ground, and are always first to hear about a new great restaurant or a great new app you need right now. Your friends rely on your good taste and forward focus, and you need your daily peppermint fix to get through your day.

Gingerbread Latte

Gingerbread evokes a lot of wonderful holiday images — gingerbread men, gingerbread houses, gingerbread ornaments. It’s the sense of fun that draws you to the delicious, gingery latte. You live your life constantly in search of fun. You try to make the office fun. You have so many exciting commitments each weekend, you barely have time to relax. Your bright, bubbly sense of fun is exactly what makes you a fan of gingerbread.

Caramel Brulée Latte


You consider yourself smooth as caramel, so that’s why you love to drink a caramel brulée latte as your holiday drink of choice. You are cool and collected no matter how hectic the holidays get. You are the cool chick, and everyone wants a chance to bask in the aura of your awesomeness. You were the one who leans against the wall and makes it look effortlessly awesome. You make everything you wear look amazing, and you make everything you drink look amazing too!

Eggnog Frappuccino

Eggnog is the type of beverage that you cozy up with after a full, winter day. And this eggnog frappuccino keeps you chill during a day full of winter shopping. And that’s what you’re looking for in your life, even during the winter months — relaxation and chill. You’re on a constant search for your zen. You go to yoga daily, and you rely on a delicious eggnog frap to keep you on an even keel the rest of the way.

Whatever your coffee of choice, we can all celebrate.

Get to Starbucks now to pick up your favorite holiday drink!