Here’s how to get your favorite Snapchat filter back

If you’re like us, you’ve been trying to banish the image of Donald Trump vomiting a rainbow from your brain for what seems like ages. Yet, you probably experienced at least a little sadness when you found out that you could no longer impose the rainbow-vomit onto yourself (or your favorite cat/ baby/ presidential candidate). Well, luckily for you there’s a GENIUS hack out there that will help you access that feature once more!

Last month, Snapchat introduced their Lenses feature, which essentially allows you to impose adorable, funny, and sometimes downright weird animations onto your selfies in the app.

The initial seven lenses included, in addition to the one that caused a rainbow river to stream from your mouth, one with heart-shaped eyes and another that could make you look like an octogenarian (complete with a monocle, of course).

The downside to these lenses is that they don’t last forever: lenses are added and deleted constantly, and there’s no way to know when the lens you love might be lost forever (much like, well, a Snapchat photo).

Luckily, Mashable figured out how to get your favorite filters back; it involves SORCERY. Well, no, but we wish. Actually, it’s super simple; you just have to trick your phone into thinking you’re in the past, which is way easier than it sounds.

Start by going into your phone’s “Settings” then head to the “General” tab. Select “Date and Time,” then switch the “Set Automatically” button off.

Once you’ve done this, you can manually enter your phone’s date. If your favorite Snapchat lens disappeared today, simply set your phone to yesterday, and then head to Spapchat- it will be there!

You can even set your phone to September 15th, the day the Lenses feature appeared, to access the originals. Once you’ve had your fun with these bygone lenses, simply set your phone’s date back to automatic. Your Snapchat will go back to featuring current lenses, and your phone will no longer think it’s in the past (silly phone).

Now you can use all those lenses you thought were long gone, without all the trouble of building a DeLorean!


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