Your Favorite Nails, in 5 Minutes, for $10

I am going to go out on a limb and say that there is not another woman alive who loves a gel nail-art manicure more than me. I love the half-moons and the negative space and the glitter French tip and beaded designs and chevron stripes and cheetah dots and OK, really just all of it. But let us face true facts together: Gel manicures are expensive and they take a long-ass time to get done.

As a DIY alternative, I am freaking out over two things today: Scratch’s Nail Wraps and these unreal-cute nail stickers by Sara M. Lyons. (By the way, now seems like as good a time as any to tell you that you should go and look at everything Sara M. Lyons, who describes herself as a “professional weirdo,” has ever done because it’s all rad.)

These are Sara’s stickers:

I know, I know, I’m late to the party recommending you get some new nail wraps and/or nail stickers but whatever, late people to the party usually have the most fun.

So those nail wraps. Scratch carries approximately one million designs and they are all really high-quality and great. I’m especially loving the Enchanted Windows design ($12, pictured high above) and a look that’s just called Eclectic Boulevard (pictured, just above). If your blood is rich, they also have amazing Zodiac-sign-specific nail wraps, which are a little more pricey at $24. Best of all (and you probably know this, smart people) you can give yourself a manicure with these at your desk in like 5 minutes. No appointments, no weird hand-holding claustrophobia with the technician, no drying lamp that may or may not give you hand-skin cancer.

My second favorite nail thing on the planet right now are these stickers from aforementioned weird-goddess Sara, who made them in partnership with a store called Emerging Thoughts, which I also love and which is where I found them one day when they randomly popped up on my Instagram feed and I thought, THAT IS WHAT I NEED NOW THERE IS NO QUESTION. THAT IS CAKE. ON. NAILS.

Nail stickers, $10

Nail wraps, $12

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