Our favorite “Gilmore Girls” hashtag of the week: #153DaysofGilmore

Looking for a way to pass the next 153 days? Awesome, we’ve got just the thing for you. How about tweeting about Gilmore Girls every single day?

You’re probably already tweeting a lot about Gilmore Girls, with the Netflix revival, A Year in the Life, coming up ~sometime~ this year. In anticipation of that, and also because WHY NOT?? it’s been decided that every day, for the next 153 days, we should all share our favorite Gilmore Girls moments. One episode at a time. false

Stared by the Gilmore Guys Podcast, this is the BEST IDEA EVER, and before you know it, 153 days will totally fly by — and we just might end up actually counting down to the release of Gilmore Girls on Netflix, because the last day of this 153 days is November 22nd, which is a strong contender to be Year in the Life release date, but Netflix loves keeping us guessing, so WHO KNOWS? false

This is fun either way.

It’s also the most perfect way to rewatch the entire series before it returns. Binging all 153 episodes sure feels like a lot, but if you only watch one episode a day, ever day, for the next few months? So easy, and such a great way to remember all the best moments of the series that made us fall in love with it in the first place. false false false

We’ve already gone through day one and two, and now we’re onto day THREE. That means, it’s time to celebrate everything about Episode 3, “Kill Me Now.” false false false

So what are you waiting for, start tweeting! We’ll be on day 26 before you know it! (That’s the day Jess strolls into town.)

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