All our favorite Halloween costumes, from Lucille Ball to a giant cellphone

Here at HelloGiggles, we love Halloween a lot. No, like a lot. So much that we’ve been thinking about all our favorite costumes from years past and reflecting on what made them truly great. And so we decided to talk to some of our fabulous contributors about their favorite costumes of all time and what they mean to them. Here’s what we got. 

The Fantastic Human Cell Phone

“Who’s always on the cutting edge of technology? This guy! Not really, but I have my moments. Like that time when I was six years old (1995), and I made the candy-hunting rounds as a cellphone–something new and exciting! And, it turns out, something not very many people had seen before. Everyone thought I was a calculator. Door by door, my excitement deflated. I had a SEND button that made dial sounds, and a generic telephone number across my chest! Can’t you see, I am the future!, I thought. Well, maybe more along the lines of Where are the Snickers?.” —Glenna Schubert

The Bestie Bob’s Burgers combo

“When I was a senior in college during Halloween of 2013, best friend and I decided to celebrate our love for Bob’s Burgers by dressing up as Louise (me) and Tina (her). We had binge-watched this show on Netflix constantly, and we were pretty much obsessed, so it only seemed right. I found the perfect pink rabbit hat and borrowed a friend’s green dress, while she bought a black wig, chopped it short, and wore her best Tina glasses. It remains, to this day, my favorite — it’s always so much fun to do joint costumes. Oh, and we also recreated a scene from Bob’s Burgers because OBVIOUSLY WE HAD TO.” —Sammy Nickalls 

Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega from Pulp Fiction “This is so hard because I’m obsessed with Halloween and dressing up. I have so many costumes to choose from, from classics to totally out there! As a kid, I was a witch (my mom and I wore matching costumes that year), a ballerina mouse, Cleopatra, a Powerpuff Girl, and so many other things. As an adult, I’ve gone as Hermione Granger, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Elsa from Frozen, Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World, Beatrix Kiddo from Kill Bill, and even the female protagonist, Julie, from this totally obscure Super Nintendo game called Zombies Ate My Neighbors. Only one person knew who I was, but they were REALLY excited about it, which made it so worth my while in getting those costume pieces together! But I’d have to say my favorite costume was when my now-husband (then best friend) and I dressed as Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction in 2007, when I was 22 and fresh out of college and he was 24. The outfits were actually really tame and simple compared to other years, both before and after that, but this costume is really special to me because it’s the first time we went as something that matched and people associate it with us. This movie and memory is so special to us that we actually did the iconic Jack Rabbit Slim’s twist as the first dance at our wedding last year. 2007 was also the Halloween we had a big house party with basically everyone we knew in attendance, and we have so many stories (including but not limited to a random fire-juggler showing up and performing in the backyard). 2007 was my favorite Halloween, and thus my favorite costume, because it just has the best personal memories for me associated with it.” —Jen Juneau

Kanye West’s bruised ego

“Two years ago some friends invited me out for a night on the Halloweentown (see what I did there?). I’m notoriously bad about coming up with Halloween costumes, but this year in particular I was struck with no short amount of inspiration for a last-minute costume: I took an old black blazer and in duct tape wrote out, “Kanye’s Ego” on the back of the jacket. Then I used the magic of makeup to give myself a black eye. The result? Kanye West’s Bruised Ego. Get it?!  (Love you, Kanye)The night ended with me tipsily singing “Gold Digger” in the karaoke room of my favorite bar–a perfect Halloween if you ask me.” —Nikita Richardson

Lauren Bacall, of course

“Last year I was Lauren Bacall, it was one of my faves since I got to dress almost entirely in my great-grandmother’s clothes from the ’50s (high waisted skirt, matching blazer, and camel coat). It was also fun because I was working as a Wardrobe Production Assistant on a TV show at the time, so I got to run around Manhattan carrying lots of shopping bags, dressed as Lauren Bacall.” —Scarlet Meyer

Lucille Ball, because we love Lucy

“I dressed as Lucille Ball when I was in the 7th grade, around the time that girls my age started dressing as sexy animals. Seventh grade was a tough one for me: I had just started a new school, and the year was a blur of being bullied and growing boobs. I missed my old friends from elementary school, and felt pressure to lop off any ties to childhood. This costume stands out to me as one of my few moments of clarity at that age. I recognized myself as playful, theatrical, comedic–with room to grow, of course. That night, I went trick-or-treating with my best friend, who had recently started attending an all-girls school, and who dressed as Charlie Chaplin. That night was our chance to be ourselves, even if it was in costume. Ironically, I never really thought of Lucille Ball as an icon until years later, when I actually committed to acting and improv. I still think of her as an inspiration, even though I’ve diverged from acting and have now committed to becoming a writer. But that bright orange wig will always be in my parents’ attic. I still remember my friend’s mom laughing hysterically at it.” —Caitlin MacDougall

Doug Funnie from our fave Nicktoon Doug

“For as long as I can remember Doug Funnie has been one of my spirit animals. I honestly think he’s one of the reasons I love writing as much as I do. Doug showed me how awesome it express all of your alter egos and versatile sides of your personality through writing. That’s why I chose to dress up as his most famous alter ego, Quailman during my junior year of high school (complete with underwear over my khakis). My parents and I worked endlessly throughout the month of October to find a green sweater vest and perfect making a belt curve upright. It is still my favorite costume to this very day, and I still enjoy my own Thicket of Solitude. ” —Bailee Perkins

The one and only Zooey Deschanel

“I decided to be Zooey Deschanel somewhere between my 500th rewatch of 500 Days of Summer, and getting kicked out of my college apartment because of a bedbug infestation. That year Halloween spread out into two fabulous weekends, while in retrospect, it was really the worst time of my life, I had NEVER been happier than I was during my three days as Zooey. Most of the outfit (black tights, oxford flats, peter pan collar navy shirt with bunnies on it) was from my own closet. I DID end up spending $48 on a wig, $48 on a better wig, $22 on a pleated navy skirt, and $30 on the pink ukulele that I promptly left in a taxi. Eh. Worth every penny” — Mary Grace Garis

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