My Favorite Fictional Furniture Makers

TV and film have a long-standing tradition of architecture as the occupation of the leading man. It is romanticized, successful and sexy. Although in real life, I doubt it is all of those things.

Some hunky with a heart of gold architects include, but are certainly not limited to, Ted Mosby (HIMYM), Tom Hanks as Sam Baldwin (Sleepless in Seattle) and Liam Neeson’s character in Love Actually.

But architects are still in the rat race.

When a leading man is truly sensitive, he works with his hands to create something beautiful: He makes furniture.

Here’s a list of my favorite on screen furniture making love interests:

5. Caleb, Portlandia

This Portlandia skit says it best. Fred Armisen plays Caleb, a woodworker being profiled by Portland Monthly for its “Man Issue.” Carrie Brownstein plays a reporter who suggests Caleb for the cover because he embodies the creativity and masculinity they are looking for — after all, he does build furniture.

One woman on the show fantasizes about what it would be like to date Caleb:

“Somebody that builds furniture could build your whole house for you, and then he could build all the furniture to go in the house. He could build the crib for the baby, and then he could even build our caskets for our funerals ahead of time, you know. I mean I want the furniture guy. Of course he had a girlfriend, you know, of course.”

4.  Mike, Magic Mike

Magic Mike may be a stripper, but filmmakers wanted us to know he was more than that. Mike has a soft spot. He builds furniture. He is a deeply sensitive soul who just got caught up in the glitz, glamour and seedy underbelly of something bigger.

3. Noah Calhoun, The Notebook

OK, so I don’t actually remember him building any furniture. But he renovates the entire house! That shows great sensitivity and I’m sure he filled the house with some sexily crafted artisan home goods. I just know it.

2. Jack Callaghan, While You Were Sleeping

Oh Jack, you are the dutiful one. You couldn’t walk away from the family furniture business like your brother, sleeping beauty — even if that means delaying your furniture making dreams. Sigh.

1. Aidan Shaw, Sex and the City

Aidan is the perfect man. I mean there is a reason the baby name boomed after this guy strutted on screen. Aidan embodies the furniture making man: sweet, committed, patient and a dog’s best friend. And, flaws in the beautiful wedding gift he made for Charlotte are a metaphor for his love for Carrie:

Aidan: You see this piece? [Aidan points out a spot where two pieces of wood meet on his artisan loveseat.] This big old flaw right here?  It’s not a flaw, really.
It’s just the way the wood is. I think it’s interesting, kind of beautiful.
Carrie: So, flaws can be good?
Aidan: Flaws are the best part.

You beautiful man, you.

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