These were our favorite fashion moments of 2016

I go through a fashion existential crisis every three months. The weather changes, I see more women wearing velvet mules and I wonder, should *I* be wearing velvet mules?, “it” colors like rose gold and Millennial pink plague fast fashion stores like Forever 21 and H&M, and no one can seem to decide whether normcore is here to stay or not.

Fashion is weird and moody! But it’s fun, and we at HelloGiggles love to experiment with style, and we’re not afraid to copy our fashion icons the best we can. Here are some of our favorite looks, often inspired by the greats.

“For some reason, whenever I wrestle my gangly legs into a pair of knee-high socks, it suddenly feels as though I am actually trying. It adds a splash of youthful fun to any look, while also keeping your gams warm. I’ve worn my favorite knee-highs (a thick, ink black knit pair) with shorts, skirts, dresses, and even under jeans when I’m on the east coast and you can’t leave your home without worrying about hypothermia. Oh knee-high socks, how I love thee.” –Anna Gragert, Associate Editor

“I really loved the pom pom fashion this year! From earrings to shoes to dresses, I just loved seeing this fashion moment!” –Alyssa Morin, Associate Beauty Editor


Editor’s note: We especially loved’s soft pink pom pom earrings — snag a pair for $120.

“I’m all about ‘The Future Is Female’ t-shirt having a massive resurgence this year.” –Rachel Sanoff, Features Editor

“Dries Van Noten’s flower installation during Paris Fashion Week” –Emily Popp, Deputy Editor


“Rose gold everything. I bought a rose gold iPhone and rose gold Birkenstocks. The one good thing 2016 gave us was the resurgent adoration for rose gold, bless.” –Gina Vaynshteyn, Editorial Director

“Jennifer Lawrence’s platinum blonde hair!!!! It sent me (and Kylie too, let’s be real) to the salon so someone could dump our heads in bleach. I’m loving the solid color trend, and I really feel like this dense, icy blonde started it all.” –Christina Wolfgram, Video Producer


“A LONG COAT.” –Madison Vanderberg, Senior Editor


Editor’s note: This gray coat keeps you warm, AND has pockets. Get it at Zara for $89.99.

“Adele’s look in her “Send My Love to Your New Lover” video:


The whole time I was watching it I was like “YES! ADELE! OWN IT!” She has always been a role model of mine when it comes to being confident in your own skin no matter what people have to say, and to see her looking so stunning, confident, and in charge was amazing. And I mean, JUST LOOK at that DRESS.” -Anna Buckley, Social Media Producer

“All the fashion of Beyonce’s Lemonade was so gorgeous and full of meaning — but my favorite might be that yellow dress she wears to smash car windows in ‘Hold Up’!” –Erika Smith, Weekend Editor

“Either Beyonce’s yellow Cavalli dress from the ‘Hold Up’ video or Beyonce’s Aura Tout Vu dress from the ‘Formation’ video.” –Shuanna Murphy, Web Culture Writer


Editor’s note: Mustard yellow was a HIT this year — get your own Yoncé-worthy yellow dress from Modcloth (we can’t resist the collar and lace) for $74.99.