One of our favorite couples might be leaving “Once Upon a Time” forever

Things might be changing for fans of Snow and Charming after six seasons of ABC’s Once Upon a Time. The show’s creators, Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, are considering a total reboot for the show’s seventh season. What’s that mean for fans and viewers? Well, for Mary Margaret and David fans, potentially bad news: so far Ginnifer Goodwin (Mary), Josh Dallas (David) have not had their contracts renewed.

Are you freaking out yet? How could we have Storybrooke without these two?

So here’s the deal: The contracts for the Once Upon a Time cast are up after this season. Ultimately, it’s up to the stars if they want to continue on to the seventh season or not. And with two little kids now running around, it’s understandable that real-life couple Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas might need a break.

While we don’t know yet if Snow and Charming won’t return, there are signs.

The seventh season will be a new chapter for the series, according to Deadline’s interview with ABC president Channing Dungey.

“Regardless of what we decide to do at the end of this season, I think (Horowitz and Kitsis) think they would put a little bit of a bow here, and then there is a next piece that comes after that," said Dungey. “There will be a little bit of closure in this particular narrative.

But that doesn’t mean it’s all bad news.

If you’ve stuck with OUAT through thick and thin, don’t worry that all your favs are going to disappear. According to Deadline, cast negotiations for season 7 are already underway with actors Jennifer Morrison, Colin O’Donaghue, Robert Carlyle, and Lana Parilla. So if you love Emma, Hook, Mr. Gold, and Regina, you may still be in luck.

But if it’s really time for the original true-lovers of Once Upon a Time to depart, we hope they finally get their happy ending!

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