Our fave celebs are joining #WomenCanStopTrump, and we’re so curious

In today’s political climate, things are tense AF. But some women have come together to fight for a cause they believe in, and it’s actually pretty incredible. As a part of EMILY’s List, celebs like Erika Alexander, Diane Guerrero, Zoë Kravitz, Amber Tamblyn, Maura Tierney, and Kate Greer joined for a new campaign: #WomenCanStopTrump.

"Donald Trump has called women bimbos, dogs, and fat pigs," the site explains. "He wants to ban abortions, punish women who have them, and appoint anti-choice justices to the Supreme Court. If elected, he would be a nightmare for women."


"Women made up 53% of voters in 2012, and if we turn out again to vote this year we can single-handedly stop Trump," it reads. "Join our fight."


"In 2012, women were the majority of voters," the caption reads. "If we come together and pledge to stop Donald Trump, we can keep him out of the White House."

Like, woah. Regardless of how you feel about the upcoming election, you have to admit that this is pretty amazing. Here’s to standing up for what you believe in!

Watch the video below.


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