Our fave female hockey player from “The Mighty Ducks” is a chic adult now

We all remember the classic underdog hockey tale, The Mighty Ducks. The film tells the story of a hockey player who has given up the game, but then decides to coach a rag tag group of kids and take them to the championship. It was a classic story that always made us feel really pumped up.

Of course, one of our favorite characters was Connie, because she was a badass chick on a team full of boys.


Connie was played by actress Marguerite Moreau, and she was definitely one of our role models.

She totally showed us that girls can be just as good at sports as the boys, and we love that about her.

Marguerite is also well-known for her role in Wet Hot American Summer, which also defined our youth.


She played Katie, one of the camp counselors. She gets into a bit of a love triangle because her boyfriend, Andy turns out to be a jerk, so fellow counselor Coop tries to win her over.

These days, Marguerite is still totally a role model, because she’s grown into an awesome, chic woman.


Marguerite recently starred in the Netflix movie The Do Over, and she looks totally red hot on the red carpet.

Marguerite is also an adorable mama, and posts the cutest pictures with her little guy.

How cute are those two? We’re not surprised that Marguerite still knows how to be a bit of a goofball, and it just reminds us how much we loved her in those early roles.

Plus, she even looks fab totally covered in mud.

Marguerite posted this pic from the set of her latest film, You Can’t Say No, and we’ve gotta say, she looks great even when covered in mud. Plus, she looks like she’s having a blast, which is always our favorite accessory.

We’re psyched to see one of our favorite sporty ladies from the past still doing so well.

Fly like a Duck!

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