Give to me your leather, take from me….amazing faux alternatives

Every cool girl I’ve ever admired has owned an awesome leather jacket. When I say “cool girl” I mean genuinely cool girl. The kind of girl that knows how to French braid, supports other women, speaks for herself and has an amazing sense of her own style. She’s the kind of girl you look up to, can learn from, and secretly wish you were sometimes (not in a Single White Female kind of way though.)

In the past two decades I’ve attempted many styles. Preppy, goth, hippie, ska-punk (think Gwen Stefani except, um, not quite like how cool Gwen is) and a whole slew of other looks. Eventually—sometime around my early 20s—I cozied into a folky, vintage, clashing-patterns look that felt totally me and totally comfortable. A dream jacket would be a tapestry duster with an oversized hood and fringe. And while I still loved leather jackets on other girls, they were a wardrobe choice that I deemed off limits for myself and eventually just stopped thinking about them. But last week as I skimmed the displays of various mall stores, I noticed a leather jacket in a window that offered a glimpse into the life of my future-cool-girl self.

I imagined me and my new leather-jacket lifestyle. In my fantasy, people were high-fiving me and telling me how cool and awesome I was. Suddenly I was the cool girl I’ve known throughout the years. The only problem with this dream is that I, in no way, can afford a genuine leather anything.

Of course, there’s always the vintage alternative. I’ve mentioned before how obsessed I am with vintage leather and the way it’s worn in to perfection. A quick Etsy search for vintage leather yields awesome results, like this amazing Vintage Kelly Green Weekend Leather Hat in my shop right now or this delightfully insane and bright Vintage Fringed Leather Maxi Bag.

Even still, vintage leather can become pricey. But, if you’re on the hunt for a modern, classic and affordable alternative to leather there’s still hope! Check out these awesome faux leather pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe this fall:

Retro Motorcycle Blazer $14.75 

This faux leather motorcycle jacket is spot on. Love the feminine waving panel front with the zipper details! This seems like a great blazer to throw on over denim, dresses, or anything in between.

Quilted Faux Leather Moto Jacket $39.90

Thank you, West Seal for this creamy yellow faux leather jacket. Love the color, the simplicity and the price!

Casual Influence Vegan Booties $69.99

Every closet needs a pair of reliable boots. Whether you scoop up vintage cowgirl boots or more neutrally casual booties like these awesome vegan retro inspired booties by Rocket Dog, you’ll never regret a bangin’ pair of comfortable boots.

Lia Block Heel Platform $79, with Patterned Tights $6

These Steve Madden platforms are a real wardrobe gem if you’re into the glam-bossiness of wooden heels and a little height added to your day. By offering genuine leather detail and alternative materials for the rest of the shoe, you get the best of both worlds by saving money and donning leather. Sandals are obviously a summer staple, but they can (and should!) be worn in the fall with patterned tights like these from Target. I am crazy about tights with open toe sandals for a dreamy fall fashion pick me up.

Whether you’re trying to save a buck, or you’re against wearing genuine leather, the world is your oyster when it comes to faux and vintage leather alternatives. Happy faux leather day to you! And of course, if your idea of a dream girl role model doesn’t wear a leather jacket, or you just, like, think leather is so gross, don’t wear it. Be yourself and wear whatever you want, no matter what, Gigglers.

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