For Father’s Day, show your dad you love him a “latte” by getting him this coffee subscription service

Sometimes dad just needs to get hyped up. Between all the work he does giving cryptic advice, and the effort he expends at work (we’re making up an archetypal dad), he could certainly use a boost of energy. So we are pitching the concept of a Father’s Day coffee subscription. This year, dad won’t be forced to add more ties to the pile.

If your dad indeed loves the ritual of sitting down to drink his daily coffee, why not give him the gift of a monthly coffee subscription? Now he won’t have to worry about waking up groggy only to find himself afflicted with an empty coffee cupboard.

Instead, each month he will receive a mouthwatering bag of gourmet beans from Atlas Coffee Club.

Sounds pretty straightforward and amazing, right? If you sign your dad up for the Coffee Lover’s 12-month subscription, each month he’ll receive a bag of coffee, a postcard, a full flavor profile, and tailored brewing recommendations from different countries.

The whole idea is that you can vicariously travel the world through your coffee experience, which is perfect for a tired or busy dad.

The full-year subscription costs $200 (currently 17% off its original $239 price tag). If that’s too expensive, you can also sign dad up for a six-month subscription for $108, or a 3-month subscription for $60. Individual coffee bags sell for around $14.

This year, will you gift your dad the flavors of France through his coffee experience?

You can check out the subscription and shopping options on the Atlas Coffee Club website.

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