These father and son selfies are going viral for a very good reason

Spencer Claus is an insanely talented makeup artist. He’s only 16 years old, but he can apply his makeup 1000x better than I can (in fact, I tried to wear bronzer today for the first time ever, and I’m concerned I might just look a little bit dirty?). He has amassed a following of 15k+ on Twitter, and for good reason — just check out some of these tweets: false false false

Lol, indeed. Well, on Father’s Day, Spencer decided to continue doing what he normally does (makeup! selfies!) but asked his dad to get in on it. He’d done a similar photoshoot with his mom back on Mother’s Day, and it had been a lot of fun for both of them.

His father, Scot, obliged, and Spencer applied the same brown-toned lipstick to both of them and they started posing and snapping. false

Scot imitated Spencer’s typical poses, but to be honest, he looks like he’s been taking selfies all his life. These photos are a total dream, and Spencer’s Twitter followers thought so, too. People were saying that Scot is a great, supportive father, and that they’re happy Spencer has that kind of love in his life  — and we couldn’t agree more. false false false false

We’re so glad the two had so much fun together this Father’s Day — but to be honest, it looks like that’s just an everyday occurrence for them.

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