This picture of a father-daughter moment turned into an accidental optical illusion

Two days ago, Reddit user narcolepsyinc shared a photo on the popular social media site, and it’s since gotten almost 2 million views. TWO MILLION! What in the world?

The picture shows narcolepsyinc and his daughter drawing together. Dad is drawing at his computer, and the little girl is sitting beside him drawing on paper. (So sweet!) But at first glance, it kind of looks like she’s standing next to him. Her cute, tiny, little girl feet look like they’re attached to his dad-sized body. It’s pretty hilarious. 

Rest assured, those aren’t dad’s feet. It’s just some freaky optical, photographic illusion. On his Reddit page, narcolepsyinc said, “I didn’t even see it at first. My wife put it on facebook, and that was all people could see.”

Take a look. What do you see??