Fat unicorn cakes are apparently a thing now, and this feels so right

These past few years have been magnificent for unicorn-themed treats and beverages, and we don’t think the trend is going anywhere any time soon. Especially since bakers continue to reinvent the unicorn-themed wheel. The most recent masterpiece is fat unicorn cakes. As in adorable, portly, and edible unicorns.

The cakes come in two parts: a “traditional cake,” and then an edible fat unicorn either on top or on the side, usually designed to look as though the creature has snuck a taste of the cake.

Typically, the baker adds a lot of detail to the design, like icing around the unicorn’s mouth (yes, it’s adorable). And while we’re obviously obsessed with the latest trend, there’s just one problem: The unicorns look too cute to eat! Just look!

The above cake, named “Uni,” is so popular that she literally has her own Instagram account (seriously). Uni is such a hit, her creator, Candy Ramirez from Queen Bee Bakers, is offering classes on how to replicate her.

Here are a few other fat unicorn cakes we love, including one from Lissy of Choco Frutas:

So. Much. Yes. To all of this. We’re so glad we live in a world where things like fat unicorn cakes exist. We wouldn’t have it any other way.