A bunch of fast food restaurants are shading IHOP’s name change on Twitter, and we’re laugh-crying so hard

After days of wondering what the B in IHOP‘s — sorry, IHOb‘s — new logo stands for, we finally have our answer. Instead of something predictable, like “breakfast,” our favorite pancake chain is now the International House of Burgers. Our feelings are mixed on this one, but at least one good thing has come out of the news: some seriously hilarious memes.

Lots of different fast food restaurants (and even other, non-food companies) have hit social media to share their own take on the news, whether it’s mocking IHOP for their strange marketing choice or changing their own business names to throw shade.

Here are some of the best tweets about IHOb that different brands and restaurants have come up with. Keep it coming, Twitter!

Burger King is now Pancake King

Netflix is now Netflib

Red Robin with the shade, though

Wendy’s is beyond over it

Denny’s is savage, as always

A&W made a brand new logo

Whataburger is not going to be Whatapancake

Steak & Shake was not impressed

And neither is Chili’s

All of this just goes to show that you shouldn’t try to fix what’s not broken — and don’t we all love going to IHOP for pancakes and breakfast food, anyway? Hopefully, this change isn’t permanent, and if it is…well, we can always go to Denny’s.