This fast food chain just added a second veggie burger to their menu, and people have mixed feelings

It’s clear that vegetarianism and veganism aren’t dying down anytime soon, because there are now major fast food corporations that feature a veggie burger on their menu. White Castle has just added a veggie burger to their fare—and it’s not even their first one. This patty is the second vegan burger they’ve released, and it’s called The Black Bean Slider. We admit, we’re curious.

PETA shared the news on their website, showing their stamp of approval for this vegan-friendly grub. A spokesperson for White Castle sang praises of this new veggie burger in a statement and explained what exactly makes up this new addition to the menu.

"Made with delicious black beans, red peppers and corn, the new Dr. Praeger's patty is served on the signature White Castle slider bun," they said.

Not only is the burger patty itself made from plant-based protein and topped with sweet Thai sauce, but White Castle also recently removed l-cysteine from their buns, which is an additive derived from duck feathers (gross, we know). That means their veggie sliders are now also vegan. The vice president of White Castle, Jamie Richardson, said these new veggie sliders are “Craver-tarian approved.” Then he corrected himself to say they’re “everyone approved.”

It doesn’t seem like everyone is in agreement, though. Some people on Twitter have a lot of feelings when it comes to these new veggie burgers.




There are some who are still excited to try it, though. false

Maybe it’s a good idea to go try the White Castle veggie burgers for yourself. It can’t be that bad. Besides, it’s nice to know no animals were harmed in the process!

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