The 5 Most Fashionable TV Shows of 2022, According to Google

Euphoria and... Stranger Things?! Some of the most-searched stylish shows will surprise you.

Let’s be real: we don’t always stream a TV show for its characters and juicy plot lines. Sometimes we just tune in because we want to see what everyone’s wearing.

Case in point: shows with aspirational designer fashions like Sex & the City and Gossip Girl, or outrageous period costumes like Bridgerton (blue bouffant, anyone?)

2022 provided no shortage of shows with fashion inspo, and as the year comes to a close, we’re revealing what show’s styles you’re most clamoring for. Just like the retro trend that’s happening ’round the world, TV shows provided plenty of ’80s and ’90s nostalgia, too.

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So, it’s no surprise that some of those that made the cut, gave us a hefty dose of throwback fashions. Other’s were a different kind of throwback — like centuries back.

A new study conducted by the fashion experts Boohoo, analyzed Google search data for various search terms associated with fashion and outfits to reveal the “most fashionable TV shows of the year.”

Here are the top 5!

1. Euphoria

In news that’s surprising to no one, HBO’s Euphoria takes the top spot. With literal fashion icon Zendaya starring, how could it go wrong?

Not only did it rank as the most fashionable show of the year, it ranked as THE MOST FASHIONABLE SHOW OF ALL TIME. That’s right, ever.

Boohoo says people searched for terms associated with Euphoria’s fashion a whopping 132,900 times per month, placing the high school drama firmly in the top spot. When broken down, the phrase ‘Euphoria outfits’ receives an average of 121,000 times a month — that’s more searches than the rest of the top 10 combined!

2. Emily in Paris

As this hit show sashays into its third season, much like other shows that famed costume designer Patricia Fields (**cough cough Sex and the City cough*) has worked on, Emily in Paris will be remembered for its fashions.

While we recently told you that the show’s lavish fashions would never fit its main character’s real-life budget, you obviously don’t care — you’re still searching for the show’s fashions 39,900 times per month.

3. Stranger Things

While the sci-fi drama Stranger Things may not be your typical ‘fashion show,’ you’re searching for this one 28,800 times a month. From big hair to graphic tees and denim-on-denim, Stranger Things has influenced an ’80s fashion resurgence, and we think it’s totally rad, dude.

4. Peaky Blinders

This period drama set in 1920s England takes us through an array of covet-worthy costumes — prompting you to look them up 18,200 times a month. It sparked a fashion revolution for men specifically, with a return to tailored 3-piece suits and newsboy caps.

5. Bridgerton

With irl royal drama constantly unfolding right before our eyes thanks to Meghan & Harry, we are obsessed with all-things England these days. Netflix’s romance-period drama has a third season on the way — and sparked the veritable return of the corset in fashion, cementing its place in current fashion history.


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