Credit: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

We’ve been seeing some major progress in the world of fashion, from amazing body positive models like Ashley Graham joining the #PlusIsEqual campaign to Ebonee Davis penning a truly stunning essay about racism in the fashion industry. One awesome step in the right direction is that Zendaya just challenged gender norms by encouraging us to question the way we think about high heels, and who gets to wear them. We’re so here for it.

When asked about Daya, her line of shoes, Zendaya explained to InStyle,

Like, we’re already major fans of Zendaya’s line. We totally freaked out when we heard rumors that Zendaya had a clothing line in the works, and were *so* on board when we found out it was true! So we were so excited to have her mention that anyone can rock heels, or anything typically thought of as feminine. Here’s to progress!

She continued, saying,

Heck yes, lady! She also made our lives earlier this year with this response to a homophobic tweet that claimed that she looked like a gay guy wearing makeup… like, what is wrong with people?!

Ugh, we love her so much. Shout out to Zendaya for pushing the boundaries of fashion, and being our all around fave.