Sammy Nickalls
Updated Feb 17, 2015 @ 12:14 pm

There are pretty dresses, and then there’s the dress. The dress that totally knocks you off your feet when you see it through the store window, that makes you press your hands up against the cool glass separating you from it and longingly wish you could sweep it away and wear it forever. . . oh, if only.

That dress made its debut to the world last night, but not behind a store window—rather, walking down the catwalk at New York Fashion Week in the Vanderbilt Hall in Grand Central Terminal.

Now, everyone knows that NYFW is always chock-full of totally gorg looks, but Zac Posen totally knocked the crowd on their feet with this fab, glittering taffeta gown worn by the equally beautiful Naomi Campbell. And the Zac Posen crowd wasn’t the only one who was totally stunned. This gown was so beautiful that it left its imprint all over social media.

There were major publications, who weren’t all too surprised that Naomi Campbell totally rocked it.

There were the “this dress restored my faith in humanity” folks.

And there were just people freaking the hell out.

So what did this amazing dress look like in all its glory? If you’ve been wondering what the equivalent of Dorothy’s beautiful red slippers are, look no further:

Good god.

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