P. Claire Dodson
Updated January 28, 2017

Gucci’s new Pre-Fall 2017 campaign has a few notable differences from traditional fashion brand campaigns. One: all the models they’ve showed so far are black, and two, all of them are newcomers. No big names. To drum up excitement for the new line, Gucci’s Instagram has been featuring a variety of model audition videos, where the models are asked questions like, “What’s your spirit animal?” and “What does it mean to have soul?” before they let loose and start dancing on camera.

Like Sharifa, age 22, who says her spirit animal is a baby giraffe because “they can be a bit awkward sometimes because they are growing into their legs,” but then breaks it down on camera without looking awkward at all.

Or Akua, who relates to bumblebees.

And then there’s Alton, 19, who says he’s been dancing forever. For him, soul is “to be you in the purest form.” His dance moves are ballet-inspired and entrancing in his loose, flowing clothes.

Zen is into dolphins.

Camille, 21, talks about soul as being part of black culture. “I think of afros, old-school flairs. Soul train.”

The diverse campaign is shaping up to be amazing if these videos are any indication. According to New York‘s The Cut, they were cast by Midland Agency, known for putting “real people” models in shoots. The videos so far are charming and fun, and we can’t wait to see more of the actual campaign.