Mugler : Backstage - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2017
Credit: Lorenzo Palizzolo / Getty

Leave it to the fabulous models of the world to take a daring chance with fashion. This week, Karlie Kloss was at Paris Fashion Week, and she is wowing us with her fabulous street style. Karlie stepped out into the streets of Paris in an unusual but fabulous top, and now we all need one for ourselves.

Karlie Kloss wowed us in this hot pink bow-inspired top that is totally unique.

Credit: Marc Piasecki / Getty

We can’t even with this fabulous look. Karlie looks like she ripped that beautiful, bouncy bow off of Minnie Mouse’s head and wrapped it around herself as a top. We love the asymmetrical drape of the blouse with the long train on one side.

It’s the fabulous shoulder pouf that really gives the top its bow vibes.

Credit: Marc Piasecki / Getty

The pouf on one shoulder and the gathered effect of the sleeve give us that silhouette of half a bow and the knot that ties it.

We also love this stunning, sparkly detail, which adds to the pink top’s girly flair.

Keep the bow vibes going, Karlie. Minnie would be so proud!