Credit: Getty Images/Steve Granitz

When she’s not killing it on Twitter, Chrissy Teigen is absolutely killing it on the red carpet. One thing that we have always loved about Chrissy Teigen is her bold fashion choices. Despite a wardrobe malfunction at the AMAs, Teigen managed to rock one of the most amazing red carpet styles we’ve seen this year. How does someone consistently slay so hard? One thing we’ve begun to notice about her outfits, though, is that she’s always in heels. We can’t think of a time we’ve seen her not rock a high heel shoe!

In an interview with POPSUGAR, the model revealed that she can’t wear flats, and it’s not for vanity reasons.

Ouch, that sounds super painful. She went on to say that she can’t wear flip-flops either because she doesn’t like the feeling of something between her toes.

So while you’d never catch Chrissy Teigen in a pair of flip-flops or a pair of flats, you may be able to catch her in a wedge sneaker or a pair of Yeezys.

The more you know! So while we’ll never see her in a ballet flat or a pair of sandals, when we see her in a more stable heel, we’ll know why.