Christina Wolfgram
August 22, 2015 7:56 am

No matter which gender you identify with most on any given day, you have to wear clothes in public – at least according to the law. Kristiina Wilson, the founder of a new unisex fashion website called You Do You, noticed that shopping for outfits is a universal experience and can be complicated when they are separated into “Menswear” and “Womenswear.” She wanted to create a space on the Internet (and the world) where fashion wasn’t so binary, but rather something that anyone and everyone could share.

And thus, You Do You was born. The website is a collage of editorials, features, and interviews with the goal of exploring the fluidity of gender, especially in terms of hair, makeup, and clothes. Currently, YDY’s front page showcases an interview with a transgender model, a beauty editorial starring a beautifully-contoured man, and an artsy video about “The Bowl Cut.”

Kristiina spoke to about her vision for YDY, stressing that she wants to “demolish the barrier” between gender. She hopes the site will inspire people to feel free to buy and wear whatever they want, regardless of the labels “male” and “female.”

Kristiina created YDY with Logan Jackson, who serves as the Creative Director, and Casey Green, who acts as Managing editor. Though she doesn’t think that unisex fashion will (or should) bring an end to binary fashion, Kristiina wants consumers (a.k.a. everyone) to shop according to what they think is cool, not what they think they should be wearing. If anything, she says, unisex clothing only widens the selection when it comes to shopping.

Too true! Who doesn’t want more options? It’s awesome to see that Kristiina and her team noticed that a place for genderless fashion was missing in society, and instead of putting other sites down or attempting to change pre-existing platforms, they created their own. What a fantastic use of their talents, their voices, and the Internet.

Check out You Do You here.

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