September 22, 2016 2:13 pm

Beauty DIYs are one thing — fashion is a whole other beast. Whipping up an at-home avocado mask isn’t too tricky, but recreating a high fashion look with household items? Yeah that takes TALENT.

Style and beauty vlogger Shay Cherise has THE GIFT.

With only a pair of socks, scissors, and non-slip heel pads, she was able to recreate the Yeezy knit bootie look with a pair of pumps she had in her closet.

It’s pretty simple.

First, grab a pair of nude socks.

She recommends men’s socks, they’re longer and allow for a bit more slouching.

Slide the socks over your pump, then make a small cut to feed the heel through.

Now just slap on the heel pads for a little traction and you’re all done.


Check out the finished product in action!

Oh, it doesn’t stop there. Take a look at how she switches up the look by using different pairs of socks.

People are catching on and sharing their creations as well.

It’s actually not the first time one of Shay’s DIYs caught on. After she crafted these denim over-the-knee boots, people were quick to put their spin on it.

Here’s her version…

And here’s what her “slayers” made by following her technique.

While you’ve got your hot glue gun warmed up and ready to go, check out Collete Emily, who actually inspired Shay to create the sock pumps. She has an amazing tutorial on how to distress a t-shirt and a more intricate approach to the Yeezy-inspired bootie on her YouTube channel.